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Dedicated Gluten-free Bakery and Deli
Eating Philosophy

Eating Gluten Free

Bet you didn't know there was gluten in all of those foods! Right now you must be thinking you're only option is either starving yourself or just eating lettuce and water, but that' s where you're wrong! Through years of trial and error we have worked to perfect our recipes for as many gluten free products as possible (and we are still working on them on a daily basis). How do we do it you ask? We use a variety of gluten free flours such as: tapioca flour, sorghum flour, garbanzo flour, rice flour and much more. The only two sources of gluten free flour we do not use are coconut flour and almond flour.

Another big issue when it comes to gluten free is cross contamination. We understand that for many gluten free is an option, but for others who may have Celiac Disease, the slightest bit of cross contamination can cause a reaction. For this reason we take the cross contamination issue very seriously and that is why we are 100% gluten free and have a zero cross contamination risk. How does cross contamination occur? Cross contamination occurs when foods or ingredients come into contact with gluten, generally through shared utensils or a shared cooking/storage environment. In order for food to be safe for someone with celiac disease, it must not come into contact with food containing gluten.

Handmade With Love

We are interested in your well being. Visit us today for breakfast, lunch or a cup of coffee with a delicious pastry.


We make everything from scratch to fit your specialized health needs.


We hope to always meet your health needs and do it with a smile.


Even gluten-free needs that special ingredient we call love.


We want you to feel secure about our gluten-free products so you can enjoy every last bite.

About Haven on Earth

Welcome to Haven on Earth Bread & Bakery Co., a dedicated gluten free bakery.
Our goal is to create products with uncompromised taste and make them available to the gluten free community.

Our Specialty

We specialize in excellent taste and texture in all our bakery products, safe for those with Celiac Disease or who are gluten intolerant and sensitive. A healthy lifestyle choice for all. By combining different baking techniques with Gluten Free whole grains we can offer the best product available on the market with quality, taste and texture.

A New Perspective...

We give a new perspective on gluten free. Gluten free means without wheat, barley, and rye but that has nothing to do with “OUR” taste and texture. We have now 10 lb. loaves here. Gluten free is a challenge we have met head on and won! Some of our products include an excellent flax bread, sandwich bread, artisan breads, a complete line of cookies, pastries and even baked donuts. When people taste our baked goods all they say is “I’ll be back for more!”

Did you know...

Locally Owned and Operated

We are a family owned business who has taken the gluten free challenge head on.

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Holly S.
Yelp Review

"Thank goodness you are still open! We've been coming here since I was little and stopping for your wonderful fudge!..."
"...If you're going anywhere near Reno and need a sweet tooth fix, this is the place to go! Off the beaten path now but so worth the extra 5 minutes!"

Jessi Diaz
Facebook Review

"I went there for brunch had the chicken enchiladas and a cinnamon roll to go with it and I was very pleased. The staff is superb abd friendly. Definitely recommend it!!!"


"I absolutely love this place. The sandwich I got was so tasty. I'm so use to bread falling apart if it's not toasted and this was soft and not crumbly at all. The donuts were a little dry and crumbly and the service was kinda slow and awkward as if the people where bored with taking my order; but overall it was a good experience. If your going to get anything from there I highly recommend the cinnamon rolls. Soft, moist and delicious, absolutely fantastic."

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Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm - Call us at: (775) 284-4200